WOOD, WIND AND WATER: A Story of the Opera House Race of Nantucket


'Wood, Wind and Water, A Story of the Opera House Race of Nantucket'
Photographs by Anne T. Converse,  Text by Carolyn M. Ford
10”x12” Hardbound book; 132 pages with 85 full page color photographs

"There is a sensuality inherent in wooden sailing crafts. Sound, touch, smell, sight, and taste are all stimulated in ways best known to those who share an addiction to the combination of wood, wind, and water . . . these are all subjective memories which keep this small group of people hooked on spending arduous amounts of time, labor, love and money on their wooden boats. They perceive themselves as custodians of an ancient tradition in which the living tree creates a basic and primal connection for us humans."

“One of the most beautiful photography books covering sailing and boating, remains a unique classic.  An outstanding presentation deserves ongoing recommendation for both art and nautical collections."