About Anne

Anne T. Converse is a New England-based, freelance documentary photographer. For the past twenty five years, Anne has been taking pictures that reflect her love for horses, wooden boats, people and places. She graduated in 1970 from Endicott College (Boston, MA) and furthered her education at the New England School of Photography from 1971 to 1973. Her travels have taken her throughout the United States and Alaska, to Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, Nepal, Africa, India, Sychelle Islands, Carribean, and Granada. She is co-author and photographer of the book entitled "Wood, Wind & Water, A Story of the Opera House Cup Race of Nantucket", released in June, 2002. She is also associate producer for the video documentary entitled "Wood, Wind & Water, Classic Yacht Racing in Antigua Regatta, 1999".

"I grew up with photographs - the black and white snapshots of relatives I never knew - their stately portraits, their antics caught candidly, and their fondness for each other. Photographs from the LIFE magazine, National Geographic and the US Camera books of the 50s, showed me many places documenting the lives of the people who lived there. All these things shaped my intuitive sense of photography and the way I work today. I still feel drawn to the "still image", fascinated by its capabilities to capture life in a fleeting moment. My photographs are “straight”-no filters or digital manipulation. I prefer to edit and crop when I am photographing and rarely will I crop a finished photograph. I study the quality of the light
in relation to the subject matter, finding a balance in order to create an image. "